Email Marketing Tips – Cloaking Links

It’s probably one of the last things that beginning email marketers think about, but cloaking links in your email is a very important part of the process for many reasons. However, there are problems with the process because of the services people use to cloak their links. This article is going to explore this issue in some depth. So sit back and relax.

Okay, the first question we probably have to answer is this one. “Why cloak links in the first place” Well, there are several reasons. For one thing, if you’re promoting affiliate products in the make money online niche, not cloaking them is suicide. This is an open invitation for a marketer to simply replace your affiliate ID with his own, thus stealing your commission.

Another reason is because of economy. Those of you who use an autoresponder service like Aweber will know what I’m talking about. In order to keep email lines within a certain length so that they can be easily read by most email programs, Aweber displays a format so that you know exactly where that cutoff is. Long URLs will go beyond this point. Therefore, we need a cloak to shorten the URL to a size that will fit.
Still, yet another reason is to make the URL easier for people to remember. Some URLs are so long that there is just no way that they’re going to remember the whole thing. So cloaking will take care of this problem.